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STORY ADOPTION - Inuyasha/Fushigi Yuugi: New Love In Ancient China (Tasuki/Kagome, Tamahome/Miaka)

Categories: Inuyasha/Fushigi Yuugi
Original Author: TheElegantFaerie (me)
Rating: M
Pairing: Tasuki/Kagome (main), Tamahome/Miaka 
Summary: Kagome goes with her friends Miaka and Yui to the National Library and gets pulled into another adventure and finds new love with one of the Suzaku Warriors who protect her and Miaka.

I have put my story New Love In Ancient China back up for adoption because Mira'n-Myra, the previous adopter of the fic, has not made any effort to start uploading any new chapters for the fic in the 8 months it's been since they officially moved the fic over to their profile. The only thing they've done is upload the first five chapters which I wrote. I tried contacting them many times and I haven't gotten any replies. I sent one last email a month ago with a warning that I was going to take the fic back and put it back up for adoption but I have received no replies from them.

And here are the adoption requirements:

*Have at least one story that you regularly update to know whether or not you are reliable in updating (one chapter every couple of months is acceptable, as long as there is progress in the story)

*You must have adequate writing skills in order to take on the story

*You have to keep the pairing the way it is (Tasuki/Kagome-which is the one thing I won't change if asked so please don't ask.)

*You must be original in your work and you must have no past records of plagiarism or anything of the sort

*You must be able to respond to the PM's of the original author
*If you post the story on Fanfiction.net, you must keep the rating at M but if you post on livejournal or somewhere else like Ao3 then you can bring the rating up higher to NC-17 but you can bring it below M. I also encourage sexual content. :)

I also have some set events, things, etc that I require to happen. Here are those requirements:

*When Miaka and Kagome, Hotohori and Nuriko get taken to the Bandits hideout for the first time, Kagome is the one Tasuki kidnaps, ok?

*Also when Miaka and Kagome go back to their world briefly, Kagome goes home quickly and packs a bag with supplies and brings Kirara with her too. 

*Yui is angry at Miaka but not Kagome and wants her on Seiryu's side.

*I have an outfit for Kagome to wear when traveling because in this story she's graduated high school so she doesn't wear her uniform any more. I have a link on my profile for what it looks like, you should take a look at it ok? The outfit I have laid out for her is required though you can have her bring other outfits from her world like her white/red miko outfit and others too if you want.

That's all I require for the person who would take over the story, anything beyond what I've written is your choice but just make sure you incorporate the above requirements. You can edit any of the previous chapters a little if you want and the part where Kikyo comes in, you can edit that too if you want. I kinda rushed it.

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