♛ Krystal (eajou) wrote in amidnightrosefy,
♛ Krystal

icons again

Since I'm going to be taking another short trip away from my computer for a few days, I decided to go ahead and post the lovely (or not so) batch of icons that I've been saving up for since my last update, since I wanted to make another big update. Yay. Anyway, they suck, I know. And my goodness, two animated icons at this! Me, the one who loathes animated icons with a passion have actually started to use them! What is this world coming to? xD

Total x20
Aria x2
Ayashi no Ceres x3
Fushigi Yuugi x2
Genbu Kaiden x10
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne x1
Saiunkoku Monogatari x2

( follow this thing here )

Feel free to use them! All I ask is that you credit shinyland or ladyshiny.
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