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icons glaore

I never did a formal introduction, so I would like to make everyone aware of the new co-owner of shinyland, one of my best friends ever, anjichan. We'll be eagerly awaiting her icon post. ♥ Anyway, this month is both Achan's and my birthdays (actually, today is mine). Also, the long awaited Perfect World 7 has recently been released. So I decided to make an icon post in celebration of all these things. There aren't as many icons as I would have liked, but this'll have to do.

Total x36
Stock Photos x5
Rose of Versailles x2
Sailor Moon x3
More Starlight To Your Heart x1
Mermaid Forest x1
Inuyasha x5
Gekka no Kimi x4
Ayashi no Ceres x1
Genbu Kaiden x15

( follow the fake lj-cut to the party )

Feel free to use them! All I ask is that you credit shinyland or ladyshiny.
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Nice icons!
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